Boeing to cut 10% of civil aviation jobs

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing, faced with the health crisis and the setbacks of the 737 MAX, is preparing to cut 10% of jobs in its civil aviation division, two sources familiar with the matter told BHT on Wednesday.

This austerity package should affect the 787 and 777 long-haul programs, and the 737 MAX single aisle, these sources added on condition of anonymity.

It could affect up to 7,000 jobs.

Boeing employs more than 160,000 people worldwide, including 70,000 in Washington State, where most of its civilian aircraft are assembled.

Only part of the 787 is produced in South Carolina.

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Contacted by AFP, the aircraft manufacturer, which must begin negotiations in a few days with the Treasury on a potential public aid, did not wish to comment directly on the information.

The federal government makes its aid conditional on companies’ commitments not to lay off workers after they receive taxpayer dollars.

Focus on voluntary departures

We are offering a voluntary redundancy program to allow American employees who want to leave the […] company to do so with pay benefits , the group said in an email.

This program aims to reduce the size of our workforce through voluntary measures and, more importantly, to minimize future workforce measures , he added.

Boeing should also change the boss of the 737 MAX program, plane grounded for more than a year after two close accidents that killed 346 people, according to the same sources.

Uncertainties surround the timetable for its return to service.

Announcements could intervene on all these points during the day, said these sources.

However, it is not excluded that Boeing will also do so on April 29 when it publishes its first quarter results.

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